Guitar lessons designed to help you be the guitarist you have always wanted to be.

Tim Daley is a fully qualified degree level teacher with over 30 years of teaching experience. This means he understands the art of teaching as well as the art of playing and you can ensure rapid progress and a rich understanding of what you are undertaking.

You can book a class with Tim by clicking the link below. He does local in-person lessons from his professional studio in Shrewsbury teaching all styles and levels from beginner to advanced. Tim teaches students of all ages.

Specialist Blues lessons

Tim has played Blues guitar for over 40 years and specialises in teaching this style through Zoom lessons with students from all over the world.​

Book a local or Zoom class by clicking the link below.

  • Blues Guitar Licks in All 5 Positions: Blues Guitar Foundations: The Beginner’s Guide to Mastering Blues and Pentatonic Soloing Across the Whole Fretboard

    Learn to break out of the box and flow across the whole fretboard with musical, bluesy licks!

    In his first book, Tim Daley shows you the art of blues soloing in all five pentatonic boxes. As well as learning the positions, Tim teaches you the unique melodic and musical language of each box. Allowing you to sound like you’re playing the blues and not just scales!

  • You'll Learn

    150 melodic licks
    How to blend major and minor
    Musical ways to connect the positions
    Solos that put it into practice
    If you’re a blues guitarist who wants to reach your true potential on the instrument, mastering the whole fretboard is an essential stepping stone in that journey. In this book, Tim makes it easier and more musical than ever.
    This book includes…
    All licks in tabs and notation
    Video and audio of every example
    A 60-minute bonus masterclass
    GuitarPro files for creative practice
    Level up your blues soloing today with Tim Daley.


"During the 6 months I have been with Tim my blues playing has accelerated, I only wish I had found him earlier!"


"During the six months that Tim has been teaching me, I have made considerably more progress than in the previous 5 years. He has been extremely helpful, patient and shows great enthusiasm."


“Tim’s knowledge of the Blues and how he puts it over so well amazes me. I always look forward to his lessons."